Asus P6x58d and AHCI plus RAID

I have an Asus P6x58d with a single HDD running in AHCI. I want to add two new HDDs in a RAID 0 array using the motherboard RAID. Is this possible?
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  1. Yes it is... Just change the Ide configuration to raid and use the raid utility to setup the new drives up... when you're done however, you might need to reconfigure you boot sequence again in bios for OS to boot...
  2. Thanks. Will the original drive still be running in AHCI or does it need to become part of the RAID array?
  3. The drivers would handle themselves, so there's no need worrying about them...
  4. I had a problem with a P5Q Deluxe not allowing me to switch to AHCI (BSOD mid-boot) until I installed the RAID driver package (including the ICH10R driver) to the boot drive.

    Couldn't hurt to do it before you go fiddling with the controller.
  5. Is it possible to set two sata III hard drives in raid 0?
  6. Yes it is... You need to connect them first to sata 6gb ports, and enter the utility to set them up like you did the other drives/ or do any other drive for that matter...
  7. Is it possible to have the system on a single disk, and after that to setup a RAID1 (2 other disks) on the controller as a second drive ?

    I see that this support or AHCI or RAID they are not supported in parallel ? Any clue how can I do this ?

    Thanks, Dan
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