2600k, 4.7ghz overclock reverting to 3.4ghz


I have been using an overclock of 4.5ghz and decided to push it a bit further, Ive got to 4.7 by only changing the multiplier, loads fine everything seems to work, however, when i run prime95 my clock speed (measured with cpuid) starts at 4.7 shortly thereafter dropping to 3.4 (stock).
I will point out that my previous 4.5 OC did not have this same problem.

I have turned off intel speedstep technology, but had this problem before. Voltage still fluctuates in cpuid and runs at about 1.44v full load and 1.2v idle on 4.7 OC however idle clock is 1.6. When the clock drops to 3.4

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Motherboard: p8p67le
Processor: i7 2600k OC 4.7ghz and WC
Graphics: hd6950
Ram: kingston hyper x 6gb 1600mhz
PSW: 900w
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  1. When it drops to 3.4 is prime still running? sometimes it errors and the process stops. Monitor CPU usage on all cores as well to see if it stays at 100%
  2. your PWM motherboard cannot handle the clock (and wattage) of processor at 4.7Ghz.

    that's why it always reverting back to normal state when it pushed...
  3. you are using 6gb ram on a dual channel motherboard?

    you will probably have to make some other adjustments in the bios to get to 4.7ghz

    such as to the digi + vrm settings and load line calibration etc

    1.44v is quite high for 4.7ghz--i can get to 5.1ghz on 1.448v
  4. I had the same problem with my i5 2500k where it would revert from overclock to normal settings when under load. I had to manually set my Short Duration Power Limit and Long Duration Power Limit in the bios to 140 and 180, and then it worked fine.
  5. yes prime is still running when it drops, using coretemp gadget and cpu meter to get usage readings.
    Its weird i downloaded burn in test and pcwizard and when i stress with those it stays at 4.7 (i even ran it at 4.8 although voltage was a little high) downclocked to 4.6 now and have no problems with prime reverting.
    Awaiting the arrival of my new motherboard as the one i have does not allow many settings to be changed, then i will take a look at the other settings you have all suggested.

  6. mcnumpty23 said:
    1.44v is quite high for 4.7ghz--i can get to 5.1ghz on 1.448v

    I was also concerened about this reading, I have read about others having high voltages with this chip, and i have a plan of action to try and lower it but i need a better MB to do it.
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