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Hello, i have a 750i mobo n intell E8500 with crucial pc6400 what do i set the settings at at times system wont boot or will crash need help ! im new at this .
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  1. Could you go into a little more detail? Do you have any instability in Windows? Have you tried running Prime95 or memtest86+ 4 bootable to see if the CPU and ram are stable?

    If it is crashing, you might need to adjust the ram settings.
  2. i have xfx750i mobo cpu is intell E8500 2 core 3.16 ghz , i changed the voltage for the memory from 1.9v to 2.1v system booted to windows but keeped restating , i changed the voltage for the cpu from 0.0000v to 0.1125v cause cpu was running at 1.99 ghz got the cpu to run at 3.16 ghz and got system to boot to windows and cause blue screen error. system stays on but only after 2 boot restarts and when in windows it says it recovered from a serious blue screen error and sends me to websight for blue screen errors, im not a wiz on computers . help !
  3. Do not change the CPU voltage. It is supposed to run at 2GHz when not stressed (power saving feature). Set all setting to default and see if it will boot then.
  4. Well i did as you said loaded default settings , and powered system on got only black screen. But if i change the voltage for the ram it boots to windows ,when i enter my password windows loads and restarts again and again.
    Now if i also change the voltage for the cpu then the system boots to windows , i enter my password and sometimes the pc loads with errors and sometimes not and if it does load either with errors or not im able to use windows . sometimes says my computer recovered from a serious error. im doing this in over clock mode only way to change the settings .
    What now. Help! any other info you need to know.
  5. Have you tried with only one stick of Ram? Sounds like something is defective. Go through the boot problems sticky:

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