Inno3D GTS 250 vs XFX GTS 250

I'm not hugely knowledgeable on pc hardware and I am curious about two graphics cards. The Inno3D GTS 250 and the XFX GTS 250.

Heres my dilemma,

Other than the Inno3D card having twice the RAM (1GB compared to 512MB) and a different heatsink I can't tell the difference. Oh and the XFX can run 3 cards in SLI whereas to my knowledge the Inno3D card can only run 2. The price difference is trivial which is why I'm hesitant to decide which to buy, unless it can be explained by the difference in SLI capability in which case I'm going for the Inno3D card. I haven't got the money or the slots to be running 3 cards SLI anyway.

Inno3D GTS 250 1GB DDR3
# Graphics Clock (MHz)738
# Processor Clock (MHz)1836Mhz
# Memory Clock (MHz)2200Mhz
# Memory Amount 1GB GDDR3

# Graphics Clock (MHz)738
# Processor Clock (MHz)1836Mhz
# Memory Clock (MHz)2200Mhz
# Memory Amount 512MB GDDR3

Specs were retrieved from manufacturer sites:
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  1. I would get the XFX card, G92b core is not fast enough to utilize 1gb of Vram. Lack of resolution of your screen info, makes it hard to decide as to which card is best suited for you.
  2. Sorry my res is 1280 x 768 at 32bit
  3. Get the XFX, then. It also has the best warranty!
  4. cool should be here tomorrow!
  5. You may want to reconsider not doing 3 way SLI. When you install 3 GPU's You will loose performance because with 2 cards in you get 2 + 16X. = 32 pipelines. With 3 GPU's you will go down to 8-8-8 = 24 pipelines. It really depends on how a bios in a Mobo will allow you to config the slots. Things will be different on all Mobo's Some will let you config maybe 16-8-8. Many Tech Reps I've spoken to say to stay with 2 GPU's for gaming. Only a few games could possibly benifit by 3 way SLI. Extensive Homework on the net will tell you what you need to know & help you decide. As for me, I'll stick with 2 cards.
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