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Anyone had any experience with Linksys customer support? I just downloaded the latest firmware for my router (WRT310N) and it immediately stopped working. When I called Linksys and tried their online chat support, both would not help me unless I paid. Seems bogus, as it was their software that caused the problem!
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  1. Have you reset the router after reflashing ?

    If you updated the router's firmware with the computer connected to the router only by wireless you may have bricked the router.
  2. Nope, I was connected via hardwire.
  3. Can you even bring up the router's administration page?
  4. Linksys do have a user forum which is free and accessible if you have registered your product.
  5. In the SPA400 sticky, I was asked about my experience with Linksys customer support vis a vis fixing problems.. having owned a full blown LVS since May, I've gone through considerable pains with Linksys support and finally decided to write it all down and ask Linksys to step up to the plate. Even though I was told

    We apologize for the inconvenience our system has caused you. Linksys will use the information provided to make your next experience a better one.

    on Jan 14th, I'm still very much in the same situation, and have more open issues than ever. So I'm posting my whole mail, plus addendums that outline what happened between Jan 14th and today.
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