Best Benchmark for real world windows 7 os and program performance

what is the best benchmark to use to see how the drives will actually perform?

I see some people mention 4k reads

what should i look at regarding writes?
it seems like it might be a bigger number since it would lay down the write in an somewhat optimized way but the reads will just have to come from wherever they are.

also can I actually increase performance of regular hard drives by doing a slow format with a certain settings?

my current OS drives are short stroked and it seems to help some.

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  1. You have your standard four free drive benchmark programs: ATTO Benchmark, CrystalDiskMark 3.0, HDTune & AS SSD Benchmark.

    Your overall system can be checked by Futuremarks' PCMark 7 and/or 3DMark 11.
  2. what is the as ssd benchmark
    i see that occasionally and it gives lower performance numbers then atto which i belive is not real world performance but the best possible number under the best possible conditions.

    is pc mark 7 most popular and 3dmark for gamers or something?
  3. All new drives in the same class perform nearly identical.

    A top-end SSD is much faster than a hard drive but costs a lot more. Some people buy an SSD for Windows then install their games and media to a second hard drive, like this:

    1) OCZ Vertex 3 120GB (Windows and programs), and

    2) 1TB or 2TB Western Digital "GREEN" hard drive (games, media and backups)

    ...back to Hard Drives:

    If you want a good drive for Windows get any newer 7200RPM drive such as

    **Note that NCIX even has the speeds already listed at the bottom.

    The 1TB drive (930GB) stores 2x the data for a little more money but there's no point buying it if you know you won't use it.
  4. thanks but i already have the drives

    some i have now

    some are in the mail

    no money for other drives

    i just wanted to know which ones to use
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