Whats a better graphics card than an intel(r) G33/G31?.

What's a better graphics card than an intel(r) G33/G31?. I want a gaming graphics card, preferably one that can play spore and most if not all mmorpgs(WoW, Guild Wars, etc.) Thanks!
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  1. on atis side hd4770/4850 and upwards, nvidias gtx260 and up (gts250 might be enough...)

    but pretty much any card will be better than the integrated on g33 chipset :P
  2. Yeah, if it says you have Intel graphics, it's just talking about what's built into the mohterboard, which is always sucky for playing any kind of games. It's basically the bare minimum to get your computer doing basic things like the Internet.
  3. i think pretty much anything (NV and ATI's onboard is even better)

    though for the games you want, what budget?
    ATI Radeon HD 5770 ~$175

    though make sure you have a decent PSU though
  4. Seriously?

    Any card release by ATI / nVidia since 2004 can easily run circles around the G31/G33.

    Depending on your budget there are a couple are cards I would recommend.

    In terms of performance (from lowest to highest):
    HD 4830 < HD 4770 < HD 4850 / HD 5750 < HD 5770 < HD 4870

    In terms of price from highest to lowest:
    HD 4830 < HD 4850 < HD 4770 < HD 5750 < HD 4870 < HD 5770
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