GTX boot up....request for help

Hello everyone

Recently did a small upgrade and purchased the Gainward GTX295. With this i bought a Corsair 750w PSU to power it.

The physical installation all went fine, up until the boot up.

The computer powers up, all fans and lights inside the case spin and light up correctly (including the GPU fans and light). The computer beeps once, just as it does normally, but no output goes to the monitor. Nothing at all.

I have tried changing the port where monitor plugs in to both of the ones on the gpu, including the mobo onboard gpu port, no difference. The monitor works perfectly well, have plugged it into laptop and the system still works fine with old GPU. The new PSU works fine as it is now running the old GPU and letting me on here.

I have tried going into the bios to change the boot up video card input from AUTO to PCI to PCI-e and onboard. Each time i have booted up with the new GPU in and tried to plug monitor into each port. Not work.

My stuff:

Intel core 2 Quad 2.33
8gb DDR2 ram
Intel DG45ID mobo PCI-e x16
bios - IDG4511H.86A.009.2008.0924.1800

If anyone has any suggestions about what could be wrong please help out, it would be much appreciated as the joy of the new GPU and the online game i play is getting ruined! You know how it is when you are all excited about new gadgets!

Thanks for reading and your help is very much appreciated!
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  1. If you wait a bit, can you hear Windows come on (music) or log in without seeing?
  2. No i cant.

    Also, when i push the power button the computer powers off instantly, suggesting to me it is in DOS or crashed.
  3. Did you plug in the small square 4pin power connector to the mother board..... up near the processor ? And are there any 4pin molex connectors on the mother board itself ? And while you were providing power to all your hardware did you accidentally jar loose any other connectors.... on the HD, etc.
  4. I know it sounds crazy but...

    Ram issue? See what happens with just one stick of ram in.

    Best of luck
  5. I plugged the 4 pin into the mobo. I had to split a 8 pin connector from the psu to plug into it. (it must work as i am using that PSU atm)

    Would the RAM make a difference with just that GPU?

    I am using the computer right now with the old GPU but new PSU in and everything works fine, is jsut when i plug new GPU in.
  6. Is the 295 powered up fully.....have u connected both 8 pin and 6 pin connectors???....if u can then boot up with CD and install a new OS.....since u said u can use the bios....its more likely a software issue....this may solve the issue....since the previous OS may conflict with the new hardware and may not boot.....
  7. Yea both connectors are on and the card appears to be powered, fan spinning and lights running.

    May be the OS system i guess, although im running Vista (yukkk) 64 should be good enough i would suspect.
  8. It is enough....i suggest u go for a fresh install....
  9. Reset the CMOS first. If that doesn't work, do a repair install so you don't have to lose everything on your machine. Many times, an OS will flip out with a major hardware change, and contrary to what you may think, adding a GTX295 is a major hardware change.
  10. And yeah, 750W is plenty of power. At one point, I was running (2) GTX295's (2 PCB version) with a PCP&C 860W PSU without problems. Folding, no less.
  11. I have the same problem...but my PC when i press the power button it makes a piu piu piu sound and then nothing..and video output in my lcd.....and i think the gtx 295 is the`s not working :)
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