Any consensus on a good non-gaming Win7/64-bit card?

I've been using an old Nvidia FX1300 forever and I just upgraded to Win7/64 and it looks like it may be time to upgrade the video card. I don't do any gaming and the most computer intensive stuff I do is photoshop and I have dual monitors. I don't see a lot of Win7-64bit discussion so I'm wondering if there are any known solid cards for this configuration? Many thanks!
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    I think a lot of them will work, which is why it isn't discussed much. If you aren't gaming, you will want a low power consumption card. I use an Sapphire ATI 4650 DDR3 in Win7-64 and it works fine. My main uses are general office and light CAD. The card can even do a little gaming if you'd like. And best of all, only $50 (or less). That's my experience at any rate, I'm sure others will have other options to consider as well.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Is there any issue with one of the ports being HDMI out? I have dual LCD's and right now they are both connected to a DVI-D connection. I'm assuming you can simply buy an HDMI to DVI adapter?
  3. I would drop down lower to the HD 4550 which is powerful enough to be used to watch Blu-Ray movies from the PC (assuming a BR drive is installed).

    If the video card has a HDMI you can simply look for an adapter.
  4. Are there any reasons to drop to the 4550 besides price? They are within $10 of each other. My biggest concern is that it work well with Win7/64.
  5. Based off the same chip, I would think both the 4550 and the 4650 would work as well with Win7-64bit as any other 4xxx chip. There is no reason to think one would work better then the other. You don't even need to get a card, there are motherboards out now that support dual monitors. I would get oneof them, or whatever cheap modern card you can.
  6. I would go for a 4650, or even a 4350 if you only do photos in photshop
  7. Ok, so looks like everyone agrees the 4650 is a solid card. Now, is there any reason to go with name brand ATI/AMD vs. another manufacturer like Sapphire/XFX?
  8. i like xfx i just bought a 4870 1gb just a couple days ago and it runs sweet i love it and xfx has a double lifetime warrenty on there cards
  9. Does ATI/AMD still make cards? I thought they stopped doing that.
  10. go for HIS...
  11. Sapphire is a solid brand and usually the least expensive (it used to be the primary distributer for ATI). I've had good experiences with them back with my old X1900's
  12. 4745454b said:
    Does ATI/AMD still make cards? I thought they stopped doing that.

    I don't know, from their website I got the following link to FRYS... It sure appears to be AMD/ATI?
  13. Did the 4670 replace the 4650? Looks like the the only change is the clock speed is faster?
  14. Awesome article on the 4650 vs. 4670 on this site,2444.html

    Looks like I will be going with the 4670 since price difference is almost negligible and power consumtion is not an issue (4650 48W, 4670 59W). I'll be sure to post my results.
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