Need help upgrading an old pc's video and cpu

I'm hoping to upgrade my old system's video and cpu but have no idea if the motherboard will support it. Hopefully something

My current system

I'm hoping to upgrade at least to a dual core and a decent video card. Anyone know what it can handle?
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  1. Well, can you post a screenshot of CPU-Z as well? That might be a little more helpful.

    From what I can see, your mobo is a socket 478 motherboard. :'(

    Socket 478 as of now is an antiquated socket. It doesn't even handle 64-bit applications!

    What is your budget to upgrade the CPU/GPU?

    If high enough, maybe you can get a new system for the same price, with better performance!
  2. Addendum:

    I don't even think socket 478 can handle dual core CPUs.

    The board also handles AGP 4x, now the standard is PCI-E. Finding a decent AGP 4x graphics card is hard enough, but finding it cheap is near impossible. Sorry...
  3. If you click on the cpu-z box it links to a screenshot. But heres another one:

    So basically I can't upgrade it to anything decent at all?
  4. You could get an AGP 4x/8x ATI 3650 for about $55 after rebate from Newegg.
  5. to put it frankly anything short of a new pc wont really help
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    Pentium-4 on the 478 pin boards pegged out at about 3.1-3.2 Ghz. If you dropped a 3.2 GHz cpu into your board you would see a 33% increase over your current speed. Add in Hyper-Threading found on the faster P-4's and you machine might feel significantly faster. So if you can find one of these CPU's for less than say $25, I'd go for it. But that machine, no offense intended, really is outdated; and 33% faster than slow is well, still slow. You never did say how much you have to spend, let us know and I'm certain you'll get some usfeful input.
  7. I was actually just looking for suggestions and to see if upgrading would be better than a new pc. Honestly though, I really hate having to buy new pcs. This one is probably the only one I've ever had that I didn't want to throw in the dump. So far aside from lack of performance its been the most stable and reliable pc I've ever had.

    If I can't upgrade it I'll probably still keep it and wait until I can get a really decent unit or make one myself. Thanks for the advise everyone
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