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I have a Aerocool - X-Vision.

However the above controller does not turn off the fans, which is a pain as I have a lot of fans. Can anyone recommend a can controller which only uses one bay, which is automatic, and also can turn off the fans...

I also have 3 fans on on channel
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  1. anyone@@@@
  2. fan one go from 50% to max then 2 to 5 from 50% to stop
  3. Please ignore
  4. scout_03 said:
    fan one go from 50% to max then 2 to 5 from 50% to stop

    Yea... I agree. I checked... But it does not do what.... Do you have the same one???
  5. i use the link you post to see this
  6. Yea, I have two of the,,, when the temp goes higher than what has been sent. The fan does not start.... I do agree as I checked the manual... But it does not do that.....
  7. none of the sensor where bent like they show on the picture also try reset to factory setting
  8. Done all that. sensors. all good. Alarm goes off but the fans does not start... Tried both units... unless there is a special way to set it up
  9. the only way i see is the one describe in user manual
  10. I agree. However I can make it work between 50% - 100% but that is not what I need.... I have sent an email to Aerocool.... Very strange to say the least!!!!
  11. seen on the post you got 3 fans on same channel try it with one fan by channel adding also did you connect the 4 pins molex to the control
  12. I have only 1 fan on a channel to test.... Still the same thing...
  13. would bring back the controller and ask rma since they dont work
  14. Indeed, or it might be a manufacturing fault, thank you scout_03 for you your help
  15. your welcome
  16. If you know of another system that can do the same, please let me know. Thank you :)
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  18. Hi, does any one know of a specific model?
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