External Hard Drive recommandation?


I'm upgrading my 2 years old computer and I need to do a backup to reinstal everything on it.
I was wondering what is the best external HD price/performance cheaper as possible.

I rapidly checked the rebates:
Western Digital MyBook Essential 500GB 3.5” External Hard Drive - Black retail: 70CA$ (saving 90$)

I want to buy at futureshop.ca for the simple reason that it's really close. If you have any deal at NCIX.com, post it, they have an awesome shipping service.
I want to have it the sooner possible because I already have all my parts.

Thank for reading.
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  1. I would go with the WD as well. That model should be fine but I hear the passport models have had issues because they rely solely on USB for power. My WD MyBook 500 GB has run perfect for over a year now.
  2. Any +1? Suggestion?

    if no... BUMP
  3. ^+1 The WD MyBook 500GB.

    What upgrades are making to your PC? You might benefit from a newer SATA hard drive such as the Samsung Spinpoint F3 500GB for faster speeds. You can use your old hard drive as a secondary drive, which has all of your important data on it. Just another option for you which will cost $55 dollars :)
  4. Omg... That is really nice!
    I didn't even got that idea!
    I feel really dumb now... Ew...

    E6400 @ 2.1 -> Changed stock cooler for a scythe mugen 2 (based on some benchmark I can reach a ~+50% stock clock speed)
    Kingston 2x1Gb 333MHz -> Gskill PI BLACK 2x2Gb 4-4-4-12 800MHz
    I'll change the G/C when I'll know how much my CPU can reach.
    And now I'm thinking at changing me 320Gb drive =).
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