Xspc worth $30 more to get rx over rs?

thinking of buying an rx/rs 240 after i upgrade to IB, and maybe add an rx 120 rad later.

this will be my first attempt at water cooling, figure once i go there ill never go back to air cooling.

compression fittings or barbs with clamps?

in the future id like to build my own custom water blocks and reservoirs as i have over 50 hours experience on a knee mill and another 50 on a lathe. my accuracy was within .003" or better on both a lathe and mill with the provided dial calipers. itll take a few hours each, but i can make my own barbs and compression fittings on a lathe with adjustable auto feed [for threading]

i have a few really unique ideas for stuff i want to build
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  1. wow sounds pretty awesome vanwazltoff!

    Barbs with clamps and compression fittings perform pretty much the same overall. So its really about about what you think looks better... generally barbs are cheaper than compression fittings.

    I would go for the RX for more heat dissipation.
  2. Dunno if Martin over at Martin's Liquid Lab (http://martinsliquidlab.org/) could help you out, but he's machined blocks before. It take a pretty significant amount of time because of all of the channels you have to cut, but he said they work and it's possible.

    I too would second the RX - the added rad thickness helps (I think the RX is ~double in thickness).
  3. We had a guy on here that was working on machining his own blocks a couple years ago- for the costs, it was difficult. If you know what you are doing, I'd say give it a shot. Just remember that there is a lot of design that goes into enthusiast level waterblocks and they have a lot of R&D to throw at it. However, if you can make your own blocks on the cheap with good results, I'd love to see the work.

    I think there was a guy over on XS forums that was doing this same bit from Europe...and his stuff was turning out very, very nice. Production level stuff.
  4. I've seriously considered making my own blocks (i come from a background in engineering and own 2 lathes and mill) but I imagine it would take a lot of time.

    Just on a note on the Rads, pay attention to what kind of fans they are suited for and match accordingly
  5. I'd love to make my own blocks and rads. I know that on some other forums there are some guys that actually do this...make their own rads and blocks. One guy works in a shop that just makes radiators for cars, motorcycles, etc and he has worked with a supplier to make cores specifically for this PC WC rads he makes. Other guys do some great mill work on blocks...I'll try to find some links and post them this weekend. PM me if anyone thinks I forgot to go look them up. :)
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