Monitor Transfer Rates Between Hard Drives ???

Is there an application that can monitor real time transfer rates between hard drives and partitions, RAID and non RAID, internal and external drives?
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  1. drives meter is a gadget for windows vista/7 that does the job
  2. If you are using windows 7, I believe the resource monitor shows disk I/O information.
  3. Thanks people for your responses. But, I do not see what I'm looking for in any of the offered possibilities.

    1. The Resource Monitor only monitors drives.
    I cannot monitor transfers between partitions especially on the same drive.
    Plus it is very "ham-fisted".
    Accurate transfer rate figures are not possible as far as I can see.
    I did not see any way to log transfer data to compare and reference later.

    2. Drives Meter does allow monitoring transfers between partitions.
    But, it also is very "ham-fisted".
    Accurate rates again are not possible, nor are logs.
    No more than 4 partitions can be monitored at any one time.

    3. As far as I can see CrystalMark can only benchmark from its own inputs,
    not monitor what the drives are doing in the real world.

    4. I have also tried HDTune Pro.
    It does the type of job I'm looking for.
    It turns out graphs, screen shots, logs, etc.
    It comes very close to what I am looking for.
    Except, that it does not monitor partitions, only drives.

    I have 4 internal HDDs:

    2x 1TB drives split into 2 drives -
    1 RAID0 with 1 partition, and
    1 RAID1 with 2 partitions
    2x 1 TB drives as RAID1 split into 3 partitions

    Then, there is a docking station where several non RAID drives ranging from 160 GB to 1.5TB with 1 to 3 partitions on them are accessed.
    The docking station is USB 3.0 capable. I am running it as USB 2.0 right now.
    The USB 3.0 PCIe card arrived just before beginning this post.
    I want to check the real world operation of all of these drives and their interactions internal and external USB 2.0 and 3.0.

    Am I wrong in my assessment of the apps offered or are there other possibilities to be tried?
    Thanks again for your inputs.

    Yes I am Using Win7.
    These are all SATA drives
    I also have 2 IDE drives.
    But, it is not my intention to use them.
  4. I may have found what I'm looking for, or at least close to it.
    Robocopy [Robust Copy] is a command line utillity included with Win7 and other WinOS's.
    I've read that Robocopy can monitor transfer time and speed.
    There are at least 2 GUI versions available for it.
    One from MS Technet and one from

    Anyone familiar with Robocopy and its capabilities?
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    voyager1 said:
    Is there an application that can monitor real time transfer rates between hard drives and partitions, RAID and non RAID, internal and external drives?
    Use the built-in "Perfmon" utility, which has always been part of NT-based Windows systems even though they've added additional tools such as Resource Monitor. To run it, click the "Start" button, type "Perfmon" into the search box, and hit <Enter>.

    To use it, click the big red "+" button and select the performance counters you want to view. "Logical Disk" shows I/O counters for drive letters, which correspond to partitions. "Physical Disk" shows I/O counters for each separate device.
  6. Here is some detail on how to use the builtin Perfmon to monitor any disk activity, not just the one that a disk stress tool creates: link.

    Just replace Physical Disk with Logical Disk to be able to monitor different partitions.
  7. Thanks guys.
    Perfmon does appear to be what I'm looking for.
    Maybe even a lot more than what I'm looking for.
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