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Hey guys, I'm new here and all, but I wanted to ask if I could upgrade my Toshiba Satellite A15 s127'S CPU (a pretty crappy 2 ghz celeron) to a brand smacking new Dual pentium 1.86 ghz. They both use the same socket (478) and share the same FSB speed (533 mhz). I would really appreciate the help since I want to be 100 percent sure when I do the upgrade.

PS- The CPU is socket based (WOOHOOOOOOOOOOO)
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  1. is it a socket p or socket m?
  2. Socket 478
  3. OHHHH, i get it, I think its socket m because socket p came out in 2007
  4. http://www.cpuid.com/cpuz.php

    download and make sure

    if the cpu's match just flash bios and try the cpu, just keep an eye on temps
  5. Yeah they match up well, the laptop is not working at the moment so yeah. So thanks for the advice, I'm open to more advice too.
  6. Hey guys I tried it out and it didn't boot up. I never came around to responsing but since school is starting up again I need a computer to keep up with me. The screen remained black and I had to switch cpus. Any advice on how to get it working?
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