New build, native resolution problem

Hey everyone,

I just built a new PC, here are the specs:

Intel Core i5
Asus Radeon 5850
500gb 7200 rpm HDD
4GB 12800 RAM
650w PSU
Vista 64bit

Anyways, I have everything set up and running, but it won't let me change the resolution to my monitor's native resolution 1680x1050. The highest I can go is 1440x900. I have a Samsung SyncMaster T220.

Anyone know what the problem may be? I'd greatly appreciate any help.

Thank you in advance.
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  1. have you tried installing the latest drivers from ATI ?
  2. Yeah, I've installed the latest drivers from ATI for the GPU and the drivers for the monitor from Samsung.

    Still no luck =(
  3. The monitor drivers are not really drivers and you dont need them .

    Try disconnecting the power from the monitor , reconnecting the system and rebooting the pc
  4. I've tried that multiple times as well. I've tried switching the DVI cord to the VGA cord. I've tried using both DVI slots on the 5850. Going crazy over this problem. :(
  5. do you have Catalyst control center installed ?

    have you changed resolution there instead of ftom windows?
    It shouldnt make a difference but it might .

    also check the screen is set to 60 Hz
  6. I do have it installed. It only allows me to change it to the maximum of 1440x900 there as well.

    I've tried 60 Hz, then 75 Hz, then back to 60 Hz... still no luck.
  7. Ok, make sure you have the lates drivers 9.9, if you do as you stated. Than please post the actual monitor that you have with a link to a page where we can see it.
  8. Yeah, I do.

    My monitor is a Samsung SyncMaster T220

    Here's the link to the monitor on Samsung's website:
  9. I think you need to isolate the problem .

    Can you try another higher resolution monitor or tv?

    Is there a menu setting in the monitor that limits resolution ?
  10. Unfortunately I don't think I have anything else to plug into the PC to test it out.

    Where would I find out if there's a menu setting that limits resolution?
  11. check out the menu button on the monitor
  12. i have same monitor have 1680x1050 but the next day i turn on monitor i cant reach this resolution...(no option for higher resolution, in windows or intel grapicgh properties)
    i have win 7 64...on board video card by intel
    is there some thing wrong?
    sorry my language...
  13. I couldn't find anything in the monitor's menu setting about limiting resolution. My monitor constantly tells me that 1680x1050 is my optimal resolution as well.
  14. This a is a strange problem .

    do you have another gfx card you could try in your compputer?

    do you have another computer you can connect and see if the monitor runs at native res?
  15. I just tried connecting my laptop to the monitor and the same problem still persists. Maybe the monitor itself is bad? That sucks since it's almost a year old.

    I did some searching around google and found this:

    Didn't really see a solution in there though besides messing with the EDID (?), which I don't even know where to begin with that.
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