Need to set-up NAS for SMB for use with MYOB software


I'm helping out a friend and helping him implement his new accounting software for his small business. The office currently has 5 computers. I have purchased MYOB Premier (3 user) and plan to install it on 3 computers.

I want to set it up so that all computers can access and make changes to the Company File in real time. So if computer A updates the accounts, computers B and C should be able to see those changes (and make changes themselves). Is this even possible?

I plan on using a NAS and mapping the share on each of the computers as a network drive and then set up MYOB so that the data file is stored to the mapped network drives.

Would this work?

I have set up NASs before (Synology DS410) but mostly for media streaming solutions, I am inexperienced when it comes to accounting software such as MYOB.

I plan on getting a 2 bay Synology or Qnap NAS.

- The office LAN is connected a D-link gigabit/wireless N router(+ADSL modem built in) and a fast ethernet d-link switch. All the computers are connected via cables so wifi will not be used for MYOB purposes.

Can anyone offer any advice or guidance regarding my set up?

- I realize that a NAS is not a backup solution, I am using a NAS so that multiple users on the network can access the MYOB files, I plan to backup the data files from the NAS weekly or something to a external hard drive.
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  1. Actually, it all depends on the MYOB software. They should have an FAQ or similar describing how to allow multiuser access. Otherwise, contact their tech support.

    It would have been optimal to check this out before buying the software; you may need a different version or it's possible they do not support what you intend.

    Some accounting softwares only support a scenario like this if it is installed on Windows Server.

    So, bottom line, only MYOB (or someone familiar with them) can answer definitively.
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