Is it worth it to buy any other CPU in the i7 line besides the 920?

It looks like the only differences (except the extreme line) in the 900 line, i.e. the 920, 940, 950, 960 is only the processor speed. They all have the same amount of L3 cache and other options but there is a huge difference in price. It seems like like there is no real justification to spend hundreds more for just a few extra MHz. It is easy enough to OC to the same speed as the 960 anyway. Does anyone know if there is any real difference in the mark3D scores?
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  1. Quite a few people here would agree that spending more money on the 960 for the extra MHz is not cost effective.

    There's this fantastic guide for overclocking the i7 920 that you'll want to check out. If you're aiming to just match the 960 in speed, then you should be A-OK.
  2. In the LGA-1366 i7 line no, however the i7 860 is in the overall i7 line.
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