Stable bios for m4a78t-e

Hello, i just finished bulding a rig. my stats are as follows.
-AMDx4 955 black edition
-4g mushkin ddr3
- Windows 7 64x pro
-m4a78t-e mobo
-750W power supply
-dual crossfire ati radeon 5770's
-western digital corsair 500g black edition

every now and then im getting a system freeze and im forced to restart, usually this happens when im trying to intal a program, as i have just finished building this computer im re installing all of my games

the mobo rev is 1.1 im wondering if anyone has any suggestions for bios settings ( which are currently default) that may solve this problem, its making it very hard for me to get back to my gaming. other than this freezing the computer runs great its in the lexa s case by nzxt 2-3 intake fans 2-3 exhaust not including the 2 gpu fans and the cpu fan

anyways any suggestions would be appreciated also and suggestions on a good overclocking plan would be great.
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  1. Could you be more specific about what you want to do? Do you plan to overclock? What is your case? Will you rely only on stock cooling or upgrade it?
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