Should i start over before i buy new memory

i have intel celeron 2.93ghz w/ p4 915gl board. before
i add drr memory to it. s
Should i just start over with new ddr2 capable? There are some good deals on cpu motherboard combos
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  1. well if you start over, you shouldn't go w/ an outdated DDR2 setup.
    You can get a pretty inexpensive DDR3 setup either through Intel, or AMD.
    AMD prob. has the best value for the cash conscience consumer
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    I added ram to a similar sys recently and it helped somewhat and the ram was cheap used.

    But if you want performance for grafx such as todays games - that sys is totally inadequate.

    Look at AMD socket AM3 CPU'S - read up on Phenom II or Athlon II
    they use DDR3
    and they are great performance for a low price.
    ATI is the hot grafx card esp. the new 5000-series that support DirectX 11.

    It simply depends how much performance you want; or how much you want to spend. But you get a serious sys with AMD's platform approach for a low $ figure - AMD products are highly overclockable also.

    You are their target market.

    If you want high performance sys
    look at Phenom II 965 Black Edition stepping C (also the PII 955, slightly cheaper)
    Look at mobo by MSI model GD-70 - very hi perf mobo.
    High end ram by OCZ 1600 (AMD edition) 4 gigs(2x2) or 8 gigs(2x4).
    You want a good power supply also - min 600w depends how many grafx cards you want to run.

    this assumes you want to game.

    Phenom II and Athlon II are both available as dualcore, triplecore, or quadcore cpu's.

    Socket AM3 is current and will remain the main socket through 2010 at least - new cpu's will be drop in upgrades.

    You need to decide your budget mainly. Some old parts maybe useable.
  3. If you are going to build new, wait until Thursday. Intel is releasing a bunch of new chips.
  4. This is great thanks. you all have been good help. I have a pretty good box Brand new 1gig hard drive and good power supply. i want to get by as cheap as possible, untill I get some extra money and build what I really need.
    My wife does a lot of graphics as an artist. and childrens book illustrator. I refuse to buy Mac. there is a Combo package at for 139.00

    Gigabyte MA785GM-US2H Motherboard w/ AMD Athlon II 245 CPU w/Fan Bundle

    plus i get 20.00 more off if i sign for credit card. If you all think of anything that would be more for the money I would love your advice.

    Thanks again
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