X1300 ATI Mobility Radeon Drivers

Hi, i am very screwed. I have just installed Windows 7 and I dont have the graphics drivers for my laptop. Cannot bear the stretched resolution and so IN NEED OF HELP!
Any websites or users that have the right drivers would be greatly appreciated.

Oh and one more thing. I have tried downloading the desktop versions and it dosnt work.
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  1. Try the ATI Mobility Modder (http://www.driverheaven.net/modtool.php)
  2. That's NOT a desktop card and desktop drivers will not work. I believe Windows Update might find you a suitable/working driver... or you can roll on over to the ATI page and look under the mobility section and it should point you to the right driver. If they don't have a driver there, you'll need to head over to your manufacturer's page.
  3. I have been to the ATI website but its no use.
  4. Actually, I have solved this problem. I called them and went into their website and downloaded all of my laptops drivers so I am happily enjoying Windows 7 right now :)
    Thank you both for trying to help
  5. You can find drivers for ATI laptop graphic cards here


    Try the vista version first if that fails try the xp version if that fails as well just buy a gun and shoot everyone in your country

    Read the instructions also and scrool down the page to see all cards supported
  6. Hi guys,

    I have same problem, too. I have read your reply. but I dont understand them. darkskoliro, how did you solved this problem? can you tell me , please?
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