My second sata hard drive cannot read both in bios and disk management can you h

my second sata hard drive cannot read in bios and also in disk management. what should i do? can you help me. thnak you.
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  1. If BIOS doesn't see it, then Disk Management certainly won't. Did you add this drive brand-new and never see it, or does it have data on it that you need to recover? Different path depending on the answer.

    Some traditional tests: Replug / replace the power and SATA cables. Try the drive in a different SATA port. If it's a Dell motherboard, you have to enable the SATA port in the BIOS; they are not smart enough to detect the presence or absence of a drive.

    If it had data already, see if it can be read in another computer.
  2. i already replug replace the sata cable i also try to place it in another desktop still they don't detect the HD.
  3. Then the drive is likely dead. If the BIOS can't see it, then recovery software won't do you any good.

    Look for obvious issues like cracks in the data or power connectors. Does the drive make any spin-up sounds when power is applied? Some people here will change controller boards to try to recover the drive, some don't believe in that (like me).

    Do you have data on the drive that you need? If not, and if it's in warranty, get it replaced! For free! If there's data on the drive that you absolutely need and have no backup copies of, then it's a different (and potentially expensive) story.
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