DDR2 667 vs 800

Does anyone know if I can install a DDR2-667 into my Acer Desktop? Currently it uses DDR2-800 (2 Gig)

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    Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    What exactly model of Acer desktop do u have?. But if the rig is currently using DDR2-800, is almost sure that support DDR2-667. BUT bear in mind that if you install 667MHz with 800MHz, the speed of all your RAM will be the lower speed.
  2. So.. What is best?

    4 Gb 667 or 3 Gb 800 ??
  3. 4GB 667
  4. Thanks so much Saint19. I will install the mem and let u know how it works out!
    I am currently stationed in the middle east and the tech help here leaves much to be desired , so this forum is a godsend. It's safer for mr to do my own maintenace on my computers. Thanks again! Pam
  5. Btw- it's am aver desktop x3812. Which if u loom at specs online it shud have ddr3 but I was surprised when I took it apart to find a ddr2 card in there.
  6. Whoops. Sorry for all the typos. I'm still getting used to my iPhone :0)
  7. ohhh....we are really far. Don't worry for the threads.

    Don't forget select the best answer to solve the thread.
  8. Lol at him trying to get the most points on the forum.
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  10. My mem is Working!!! Yippeeeee!!!! I am so happy! Thank you so much! And certainly this site is bookmarked for me. Love it! If you take a computer in for service in these parts...most likely you will end up with pirated software and counterfeit parts, so I am so happy you could help me work this out. Take care!! pam
  11. Any time dude, that's why we are here.
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