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I have 2 nvidia geforce 9500 gt cards w/ddr3 installed and i installed a third card(nvidia geforce 9500 gt w/ddr2 but i dont seem to be getting any better framerates.Is my card working..any suggestions? using intel core i7 cpu,6 gig ram,vista, 750 gig hard drive
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  1. Does your game support SLI, and have you enabled SLI in the nvidia control panel?

    IMHO, the 9500GT is not a powerful card, it's an 8600GT which is just a bit faster than a 7600GT. One 9600GT might even surpass the 9500GT SLI.
  2. You can't tri-SLI 9500GTs. Maybe you could SLI two of them and then use the third for physics.

    I've used a laptop with a mobile 8600GT and it works fine for TF2 and the like... but if you put together that i7 system for high-end gaming, those GPUs are going to bottleneck it quite a bit.
  3. 9500GT's aren't powerful enough for gaming with any kind of details cranked up, or at high resolutions.

    What games are you playing, what resolution, and if you want more performance, what is your budget?
  4. thank you guys....good information.
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