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I have 2 nvidia geforce 9500 gt cards w/ddr3 installed and i installed a third card(nvidia geforce 9500 gt w/ddr2 but i dont seem to be getting any better framerates.Is my card working..any suggestions? using intel core i7 cpu,6 gig ram,vista, 750 gig hard drive
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  1. I have replied to your other post :

    This thread is a double-post.
  2. i to have a setup something like yours
    and i had a lot of trouble with windows vista 32 bit os
    as soon as I moved up to windows 7 64 bit it made such a big differnce.
    with the windows vista 32bit the drivers just didnt work right for some reason
    i was getting split screen just using 2 pny 9500gt geforce cards and a whole lot of flashing and what not,i thought i spent all that money putting together a good machine for nothing,it ran me in parts alone 1200 dollars, i thought using a 32bit os would make it easier to work with but it didn't,it just
    didnt.I found out that on some computer using a 32 bit system doesn't always use all of your memory capacity you could have 6 gigs but it will only use lets say 5gigs of the 6 saving one for other things
    but with a 64bit operating system it has no choice but to use all dedicated memory together,the i7 was made to utilize your systems memory,the 2 video cards im using are ddr2 i was also told that it wont make a differce ddr3 or ddr2 with video cards,any way after installing windows 7 64bit os i haven't seen a better video than what i have now, i was planing on a third card but it look good enough now
    so why waist money. ps im only using a 550watt psu,4gigs of memory,the I7 920,2 pny 9500gt video cards a evga X58 SLI LE mother board and win 7 os.
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