Bought a gateway dx4300-03

haven't taken it out of the box but noticed it had an ati hd4650 card loaded. Will it's 300 watt power supply be enough to power everything without problems??
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  1. Seems low to me. ATI recommends a minimum of 400W for that graphics card.
  2. see the other pose about a similar question with a gateway copmtuer

    why did you buy a gateway? NO OFFENSE SHOULD BE TAKENM BY THIS COMMENT!
  3. No available time. PC I thought would be right choice only available online and did not want to wait. Stumbled into this one still in box on sale and salespeople under-or wrongly-informed as usual (Frys). This one was cheaper -enabling me to also be able to get a nicer monitor (mine is old and not-so-nice). It was an impulse-buy basically & if I would have had 20 minutes to research on web I wouldn't (shouldn't) have bought it. Believe me guys, if I had more time and more $$ -I would be building my own system. Just no time (school) right now. I am not a gamer though, and definitely not an idiot. Many years ago (when the guys calling me an idiot were probably still in diapers) I built my own system from scratch -while I had time & $$ to spare. It worked extremely well and lasted for many many years. Was hoping this one would work okay so I could not have to hassle more?
    Thanks for any advice from experts!!!
  4. ok then....
  5. Think I am just going to use this unit for now and put in a beefier power supply when I get the time. 450 watts should do it I am thinking. Talked to a tech who told me Gateway is not too proprietary for upgrades.
  6. I just upgraded mine with a Corsair 600w. I am not very tech savvy and it only took about 30 min including cleaning. All my temps have went down and no more freezes. Spread the word! The DX4300 can be saved!
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