My SSD Choice....

Hi folks,

I am looking to buy a SSD, perhaps the Intel 510 120GB or the OCZ Vertex 3.

From these two, which one would you get?

Also, just to make sure i'm not going crazy....These drives WILL run on my computer.... right?:

Model: XPS 8300
CPU: i7 Sandy Bridge 2600
RAM: 6GB 1333MHz
Graphics: ATI Radeon 5770
OS: Windows 7
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  1. Tom's would probably put you into a Crucial, judging from the best-for-the-money article:,2998-4.html . I myself have an earlier model Crucial, a C300.

    The drives will run with your computer, but that doesn't indicate whether you are crazy or not. Mine run with my computer, and several people have questioned my sanity.

    With a Dell motherboard and BIOS, you may need to "enable" the particular port in the BIOS. Also, look into ACHI vs. IDE mode for the controllers and fun things like that. Read how-to SSD threads, there are plenty here, and remember to disconnect your hard drive when installing Win7 to the SSD so you don't end up with part of your boot sequence on the hard drive.
  2. All of the brand name SSDs have had issues of one sort or another. If your data is important you might want to wait awhile until they sort out the SSD issues. Otherwise you had better be backing up your data often. Your PC should run an SSD but the mobo must be able to boot from it, which not all BIOS will allow.
  3. If reliability is more important then speed,get the intel,(more expensive but less issues.
  4. Any more opinons?
  5. The drives will work but u might want to check if your motherboard has sata 3. cuzz both of those drive use sata 3 i believe (6gb) speed. Considering ur running a 2600k cpu ill assume it does. Anyways in terms of SSD i just went out buyin one recently ended up buying and returning a number of drives. Patriot pyro 60gb and 120gb, corsair force gt, vertex 3 120gb, each and everyone of these drives perform really fast however theyres a bug and this goes with all the new sandforce 2281 controllers which these drives use. Everynow and then u will get blue screen or the computer will crash and the drive will not be detected until hard reboot of the computer. This tends to happen when u leave the computer idle but it has crash on me when running applications. Its very random sometimes crashes 2x a day sometimes doesnt crash for a whole 3-4 days. I thought i just got a bad drive but 4 drives.. and now on my 5th kingston hyper x 120gb same thing however less frequent. You can search it up online sandforce 2281 controllers BSOD. Anyways I see alot of good reviews on the intel 510 it is more reliable havent tried it myself and was actually my 2nd option however if u want speed/reliability id say the Crucials are the way to go only reason i didnt get it was didnt wanna bother waiting for online shipment.. >< and if something went wrong wouldnt have been as easy as returning it back at the store ..
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