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Hi, I just built a new computer and I'm trying to figure out which ports to plugin my hardrives. I have the following ports:
2 Marvell 6gb/s SATA
2 Intel Z68 6gb/s SATA
4 Intel Z68 3gb/s SATA

I have an OCZ Vortex 2 SDD that is running the OS. Can I plug this into any one port?

Then I have 2 1TB WD Cavier Blacks. I would like to run these in RAID 0. Where should these be plugged into? Also... one of the Cavier Blacks is older (from old comp.) It is a 32mb cache and the other is 64mb cache; can I still run these in RAID 0?

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    The OCZ Vertex 2 is a SATA II (3Gb/s) drive so you will get maximum performance from any port you listed. The same applies to your HDD RAID-0.

    Personally, I would connect the SSD to the Intel 6Gb/s port and the RAID-0 to the Intel 3Gb/s ports.

    You should have no problem creating your RAID with different cache sizes.
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