Is my CPU to hot?

Hello, so I just overclocked my i5 to 4.5ghz. I am running prime95 to stress test and core temps to check the heat. Core temps shows all my cores bounce around between 67 degrees and 79 degrees Celsius under the full load from prime95 torture test. Is this bad? Should I be worried? I know I won't always be pushing my cores to the max like this but I do game and BF3 could push my cpu to the max. so are my temps are way to hot?
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  1. That 79 Celsius is to hot. You have the stock cooler ?
    If you are with stock cooler don't overclock nothing buy an aftermarket cpu cooler
    Try to lower the voltage don't exeed 1.35V.
  2. I left the voltages on auto and it maxes out at 1.35. Also I'm currently using that exact cooler you linked me and those are the temps I'm getting with it. Maybe I put the thermal paste on bad? I used the artic silver paste which i read takes a certain amount of time for it to make it's full connection. Like 200hours or something.
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