Disk Error and can't write

I replaced a bad CMOS battery on my desktop, and next thing I know I have the error:

Diskette Drive 0 Seek Failure

I did some research and they said move it down in boot order(Floppy, which I do actually have)

But I'm still getting the error.

Also I'm now unable to burn DVDs/CDs, but I can read them. What's wrong there?

Should I do this?

Or will that delete all my files? Or just change the BIOS back to default? I already downloaded the newest BIOS and that didn't work.
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  1. Disable the floppy drive in the bios!
  2. Where in the BIOS? I can't do it in boot sequence(all I can do in there is change the order), and I don't see A drive anywhere else.

    Those are my options, and would that also let me write discs again?
  3. You should be able to go into the bios and find your drives listed, then select the floppy drive and select none\disabled (whatever option you get) and that should stop it finding and looking for something that isn't there and cure your problem.
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