Realtek HD 5.1 sound skips


i have a GB 790 fxt with this sound card, and have a good sound, i have plugged a HT with an optical cable, but when i put the audio manager in 5.1 digital dolby (only in digital output), the sound (mp3, blu ray, dvd, games)skips randomly like 0.5 sec, every 3-4 secs, which makes an awful expierence

i have the latest drivers (2.40) and my OS is xp

but when i put 6ch or stereo everything is fine, but the quality is so much inferior compared with digital, without mention that i can not notice almost any surround effect

please help

btw sorry for my spelling, english is my second :P

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  1. I'm thinking it's an issue with your other specs. What other components do you have in your computer?
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