New build, advice please

I am wanting to upgrade my PC, I currently have a athlon XP 3500+ single core system, 400w power supply, 2GB 400mhz ram, nvidea 8600 GTS 256MB, 1TB hard drive, 120GB hard drive, Soundblaster Live Xi Fi, and it struggles to play any of the latest games at all really.

Its going to be used primarily for gaming, so a graphics card or two are also going to be needed.

I want the best bang for my buck really, either currently, or within the next couple of months if there is going to be any price decreases in any of these product lines. I want something that is going to last me for a good few years. I also do not mind overclocking (so buy a cheaper model but overclock so it performs better then a more expensive one)

Its a choice between the top end intel quad core, an I5 or an I7, i cant make my mind up.

Opinions and advice greatly welcome

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  1. If you could, use the link in my sig to edit your post and answer the questions from the link. The info will help us offer the best advise.
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