Can I use a DVI splitter for ATI HD 4350 Low Profile card?

I'm trying to determine if the ATI card in the Dell Vostro 220ST that is described as:
512MB ATI Radeon HD 4350 Low Profile card
will allow me to have 2 different monitors using the single DVI output and this splitter cable:

Searching the web for that graphics card is not yielding any results because the card dell supply only has 1 DVI and 1 HDMI output, whereas all the ones I can find on the web have 3 outputs!
Even searching on Dells site I cannot find the actual card in use in this machine.

Any advice welcome.

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    Get a hdmi to DVI adapter. That way you can plug one monitor into the DVI and one into the HDMI
  2. Thanks. I'll try this, but am interested to know if the other solution would work.
  3. Did this work for you? I ordered the same computer with two monitors, but Dell did not supply a splitter or a DVI cable.
  4. Yes it did work.
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