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hey guys i whant to buy an ati 5870 card but is to long and seens im building a new pc does anyone know if that mid-tower case AEROCOOL AEROENGINE PLUS is gona be fine. The card is about 11" long
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  1. Two of my beefs in th POC industry is GFX vendors not putting length and cabling / wattage req'ts in their posted specs. That goes along with Case Manafacturers not putting in max card length.

    Suggest you call the case manufacturer to confirm.
  2. yeah call the case manufacturers and if they dont feel like telling u give em a hard time-its somthing they should putin the specs of teh case!
  3. thanks guys maybe i should
  4. I doubt it will fit, but with some case modifications like cutting off a portion of the top left corner it will definitely fit.

    ^ The case with a HD 4670 (7.5" in length). Add another 5.5" and it may not fit.

    I recommend just calling the manufacturer and asking for the length allowed for graphics cards on the case.
  5. no way to fit crap!!
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