New Build

Coolermaster Cosmos S case
AMD Phenum ii 955 x4 CPU
Coolermaster V8 CPU Cooler
Galaxy 1000w PSU
OCZ 12800 DDR 3 4gb ordered another 4gb
Sapphire Radeon HD 5870 ATI 1Gb Graphic CArd
LG Super Blue Ray Rewriter
LG DVD/CD rewriter
WD 10000 rpm 160gb Hard drive
WD 7200rpm 1Tb Hard Drive

Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit o/s with Windows 7 upgrade

New Build so far any views
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  1. Depends on what the computer is used for. If its gaming, then you won't use more than 4 gigs. If its for production editing, then you can use more, but only if you're loading up 3 big programs at the same time. Either way, with your assumed budget, the i5 is an option too. Might help if you take some time to edit your post and use the link in my sig for format.

    Galaxy is an unknown PSU manufacturer to me. I'm going to say that's probably not the right choice. 1000w is overkill too. Even if you get a CF mobo, you won't use more than 750w with how efficient the 58xxs are. Look for antec, corsair, silverstone, seasonic.

    If you want the option of CF, I'd look at the 790gx or a little more money in the 790FX. But whether you need to CF depends on the monitor resolution?
  2. the v8 is over rated and overpriced have a look round here for good coolers, the velociraptor is old tech and not worth it most new 7200rpm drives match it
  3. Thanks for your input got all ther parts reasonale cheap, so hapy with that end of build. PSU as a good video on you tube and paid less that 1/4 price for it new
  4. Enermax is a good brand for the higher end PSUs. You'll be fine with that even though you'll not use more than 3/4s of it.
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