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hi all, im having a bit of a problem with my core i7 920 and i hope you can help me here....
well, i have a core i7 920 with blc @ 150x20=3ghz, its a pretty small overclock, right?
when i run realtemp 3.5 it tells me that my cpu is idling at 55 degrees celcius. this cant be good, right? whats worse is that when i ran a stress test with prime 95 the temps went up to 90-100 degrees! i have a nexus flc 3000 hsf and the cpu voltage it at 1.175. how are my tempps so high? should i lower the voltage or what? do i need a new hsf or is my cpu f**ked up
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  1. Hi there,
    Yes those temperatures do seem high for such a small overclock. First of all which case are you using, is case airflow a problem, if so, that won't be helping. Secondly, I would check that your cooler is seated properly and that the thermal grease spread evenly over the CPU surface. It is unlikely that it is the CPU itself causing the problem, so check these things and then see if the temps go down.
  2. I'm not sure if it would help buy try the x19 or x21 multiplier instead. For some reason, 920's don't like the x20. Maybe that might help? Is it a c0 or d0 stepping?
  3. Looks like a bad install w/ poor contact....suggest reseating w/ quality thermal compound.

    And yes, you should be able to lower voltage a bit...I'm using 1.125 at 177.4 x 21 and getting full load temps in mid 50's on prolimatech megahalems.
  4. well airflows not a problem, as i have an antec 1200, so you guys reckon i need to reseat the hsf with new thermal compound, aww..... thats going to be a pain,
    also its the do stepping
  5. i think i might buy a new hsf as i heard the one i have isnt good for o'cing, and i like the look of the cooler master v8
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