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I have had an HP Media centre for about 3 years but the DVD writer likely never worked properly (I only burned CD's initially and that was fine). I just bought another DVD writer and was trying to install it. The one that came out had a rounded 4 pin power supply and 41 pin cable that connects it to the board.(HP dvd640). I just bought an HP dvd1270i, which has an SATA connection with two cables in the back. How do I locate where that goes on the board? My dvd reader (I had a reader and a writer) is still connected to the original cable at the midpoint. I can't see a 7 pin SATA slot on the board. Any chance my computer is too old for that?

Thank you for your help!
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  1. Well, what's the model of your HP Media Centre? Perhaps we can search the manuals and see if your motherboard supports SATA.

    A good way to tell is by looking at the HDDs. If your hard drives are connected with SATA (7-pin cable), then follow the cable to the board and that should do it. Make sure you have the right power supply attachments too! Good Luck.
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