Making a Windows XP Bootable USB Drive without extra software?

I have an Asus EeePC notebook for which I need an XP Bootable USB drive. All of the tutorials I've found so far on how to create one resort to some software or other that all do the same thing. Since I'm not a fan of downloading just any software, I'm trying to find out if you can make a USB drive bootable with XP on it without extra software other than the Windows 7 I am on, and a Windows XP CD. I realize this is not necessarily simple, and I consider myself to have above average experience in all sort of computer repair, besides the fact that I am always open to learning anything new on the subject of computers.

Does anyone know if and how this can be accomplished, or of a reliable tutorial that I can follow for this?
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  1. WinXP was not meant to be installed from an usb. So you will need those extra software to be able to create a winxp usb bootable drive. You can also install Winxp with PXE.
  2. Do you mean that there are versions of windows that were meant to be installed from an USB drive, and for which you wouldn't need extra software?

    Installing Windows through a network interface is a really interesting and useful option, thanks for the suggestion.

    If you or anyone else would have advice regarding which software is the most reliable for making a bootable Windows XP USB drive, or if they're all as reliable, it would be appreciated.
  3. Well windows 7 has an official usb tool that will make an usb bootable drive.

    WinToFlash will work for what you want to do. Make sure to run as Admin or else it might not want to format right. If you want to save time in the long run you can create a Virtual Machine and setup Winxp or any other windows OS then sysprep it. Then you can use Norton Ghost,Clonezilla or what ever other cloning software to make an image. You can store the image in a network share or usb drive. Now next time all you will have to do is create a bootable usb of ghost or clonezilla and point to were the image is stored
  4. Thanks for the suggestion, it's a good option to keep in mind.
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