Soldering Fans wires

I want to overclock my notebook but im afraid of it overheating

If i solder 2 of these
together would my laptop usb port give even power to them?
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  1. not sure if it is a good idea, most laptops are not designed to overclock. Laptop model?
  2. this is a very bad idea because notebooks are not made to overclock as shadow_city said ^ if you want to overclock get a desktop
  3. oh and soldiering little wires can be very difficult
  4. You only get 5v from a usb connection so its not really up to powering a ton of fans,
    also, those coolers can't provide the type of directional cooling required for the increased heat on a chip that clocking creates,
    unless you are up for some serious modding there, I add my vote to the leave it alone stack
  5. Don't bother laptops have poor heat dissipation and generally struggle to keep up with "power users" such as myself and probably 99% of the people on Tomshardware if we used it as our primary. If you do ignore us just know that you will probably start having a lot of hardware failures, could be wierd things you don't expect either as it's not limited to the typical CPU/GPU got too hot and fried scenerio. As there is everything bunched up tightly together in laptops.

    Trust me on this I had a laptop for a primary computer for a few years, and my buddy did the same but he had the first gen dell XPS. These things are prone to hardware failure a lot more than desktops with it's inadequate cooling.
  6. Fan can aid in exhausting heated air from the laptop. Make the fan with a USB connection to keep the fan as convenient as laptops. The fan will plug into the USB port of laptop for power & eliminate the requirement of power supply.

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