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Hi, i have a Foxconn g31mx(2 dimm slots), 2 GB DDR2 Crucial Ballistix(1gb x 2) and E6850; and lets say i have a $150 gift card from amazon, whats your opinion about getting something new, i know 775 is dead but reading another posts replacing my cpu is not worthy unless i have around 200 for cpu alone(i5 750), and that means changing my memory-mobo, so i guess thats out of the question. I was thinking about OC'ing the cpu, i have an Hyper 212 sitting on the floor(currently using a zalman cnps7500)i know will do the job, but i just cant get this mobo to oc a thing, if i move fsb from 333 to 340 it simply wont start (tried dif cpu v levels), so i was thinking getting a new mobo (with 4 dimm slots) and 2 more gb and OC, or just keep mobo and get 4gb without oc. Mostly play WOW and my video is enough for it (9600 gt, resol 1440*900) so i dont think i need a new one; on a side note, should i waste the money on anything i just said or buy anything else from amazon and wait till i can get a new i5 system-video.
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  1. No point in getting any new 775 boards, ram, etc. Check the expiration date of the gift card, and wait for something useful. I've seen 2x2gb of ddr3 on sale recently at amazon with a rebate for around $55. No point in rushing. And overclocking isn't worth getting a new board.
  2. Do this:

    You get to a quad core for $160 and both the CPU and board are great for OC'ing.

    You could also do this for the same price and get an extra 200 MHz to start with:

    Either one should let you keep your existing RAM and gives you space for up to 16GB if you ever want to go there. Basically, in the range where you are, going to an AMD setup will kick Intel's ass on price/performance for an upgrade.
  3. I would consider getting the 2gb upgrade, here is why:
    I think the main benefit will be an improvement in minimum frame rates.

    To assess how much benefit you would get from a stronger CPU, or graphics card, try a couple of tests:

    1) Run your games, but reduce the resolution and eye candy to a minimum. This will simulate what will happen if you upgrade to a stronger graphics card. If your FPS improves, it indicates that your cpu is capable of driving a stronger graphics card to higher levels of FPS.

    2) Keeping your graphics resolution and settings the same, reduce your cpu power. Do this by removing the overclock, or by using windows power management to set a maximum cpu% of perhaps 70%. If your FPS drops significantly, it indicates that your current cpu is a limiting factor, and that a faster cpu would help.
  4. Thx for replies.

    @ o1die
    Sounds like a good idea

    I wont prolly get same deals in amazon, checked around and similar cpu goes for $100, with a decent mobo around $70; way over my $150 limit =(

    Damn that pdf-video... no idea it was such a big dif between 2gb and 4gb lol
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