2 Striped Arrays Across 4 Disks

Hello everyone. I have four 2 TB hard drives. I want to create two striped arrays (RAID 0) across all four disks. One 7 TB array and one 1 TB array (I know the actual formatted capacity will be less). I was told to this this in Disk Management under Computer Management in Windows 7, but I can't figure this out. How do I do this?

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  1. Well, that's not quite how it's done. At the BIOS level (assuming that you are using the chipset's RAID function and not a separate controller), build the four drives into one striped array.

    Then, in Disk Management, initialize the newly-visible volume as a GPT volume (the default of MBR can't access space past the 2.2 TiB limit) and create two partitions, one of 7 TB and one of 1 TB. Format the partitions in the filesystem of your choice; I suggest NTFS.

    Does this address the question properly? The key is that the config looks like one thing in the BIOS and another at the OS drive level.
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