How to identify a file with bad sectors?

Hello, my Seagate HDD has been showing some pending sectors (some wich has been readed sucefully). Now I have both 6 pending and unreadable sectors.
I've read that it's best to just to buy another drive before it gets worse, and I'm planning to do so, but in the meantime, I want to locate if some of my precious data has been infected by the bad sectors. A basic test with gsmartcontrol showed me a bad LBA (it stops after just one error T_T), then I use a windows tool called nfi.exe to try to identify the file that correspond to that sector. It successfully point me to a single documentation file of some non-critical program ñ_ñ, wich I tried to hash (with hashtab) and it just cant complete the process, so I think I just find a corrupted file n_n. Well:

1.- before I backup my data I want to fix/reallocate the bad sectors, and identify and replace the corrupted files (some valuable vids and songs)
2.- I have no idea of how to test a drive to just show me the bad sectors in a log without touching them
3.- Once I have secured that files, run a full repair
4.- I don't know wich software is better for this, if some free tool, the windows one (¿error check?) or the SeaTool from seagate

The most important here is to identify the corrupted files before trying to repair the full disc

Hope someone could help.
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  1. Use diskdigger to recover files from the hard drive if you cant boot to it, then use HDat 2 or Vivard to repair the surface/sectors in the hard drive. Basically it rewrites the bad sectors with 0's to make it a clean slate again. 9 out of 10 times this fixes the problems with the hard drive, although if it has over say 100 errors then you know for a fact that its toast.
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    SeaTools will identify the bad sectors and then offer to repair them. As long as you decline the offer, your data will remain untouched. The repair process entails writing zeros to the affected sectors. When this happens, the drive retests the sector and returns it to service if good, or reallocates its LBA to a spare if bad.

    This is explained in the user guide:
  3. Well, indeed, SeaTools found 6 bad sectors, repaired them all and now s.m.a.r.t. shows 0 for booth Pending and Uncorrectable sectors ñ_ñ, with nfi.exe and the LBA of the Long Test report I was able to confirm only 2 corrupted files ñ_ñ
    Before I run the repair tool, I was able to identify one of those files but was unable to open it, as my md5 tool just stoped working with only that particular file, now It hash perfectly
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