Gigabyte GA-K8U Overheat on remote 1

I've searched this problem and it seems that I am not the only one experiencing it but have not been able to find an answer to it.

Speed fan shows that remote 1 (SMSC H/M Block on address $2D) is over heating at 61 degrees.

Nothing else in my system is anywhere near this temperature.

Can anyone tell me what it is and if I should be worried.
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  1. try to overload the systema and if it shguts down then it is an issue, don't worry about causing damage the mobo is very good of sensing an issue and shutting down. As for the issue, sometimes the chips do not report correctly the temps. Either because of the software or because of the chip sensor. Either way the chance is you have not found an answer because it has not caused any major issues. Some times is as easy as that. good luck
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