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I would love to get some thoughts and suggestion regarding a new HTPC config i came up with:

CPU: Core i5 750
CPU cooler: Coolermaster hyper TX3
Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-P55M-UD3
Memory: G.SKILL DDR3 4096MB F3-12800CL9D-4GBNQ
PSU: Enermax ‏PRO82+ 525W
System HDD: WD 3200AAKS‎
Data HDD: WD 1TB 7200
Graphics: GIGABYTE hd-4550 512MB (I know it’s not in par with the rest of the components but I already have it and will upgrade at a later stage)
DVD RW: LG GH22NS black
Case: Antec Fusion Remote Black microATX

Especially I want to make sure that the setup I have chosen is quiet, that the coolmaster TX3 fits in to the Antec case and that the PSU is strong enough to support the system even after I will upgrade my graphics card
Thanks for anyone who will take the time to replay and educate me!
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  1. Looks like you're building a gaming machine - not a HTPC. No TV tuner?
    What video card are you looking at for the upgrade?
    CM Hyper TX3 is 139mm tall. Antec Fusion case is 139.7mm high.
  2. WR2, thanks for your replay.
    I am not watching to much TV and i have a DVR from my cable company so at the moment i am not adding a tuner, might add in the future.
    The system is mostly for watching 720/1080 mkv content and for some 3D demos i am working on (Digital media related) I assume i will upgrade when direct X 11 cards will be more common and at a more reasonable price point.
    So I understand the TX3 is too big, can you recommend one that supports the 1156 and is smaller?
  3. Low profile 1156 cooler's are in short supply at the moment.
    Looks like you're stuck with the stock cooler. Until the MFGRs release 1156 adapters for coolers like Scythe Shuriken or Zalman 8700

    Your case limits you to a low profile video card. Something like the SAPPHIRE HD 4650 or ZOTAC 9600 GT. And I don't expect to see any low-profile video cards in the 58XX/57XX range or their nVidia equivalents. So you can size your PSU requirement based the max power you'll need to run a 5650 class video card and for that we're talking 400W. One of the newer Seasonic models would be a great choice.

    How locked into that case size are you? It's definitely limiting your choice in cooler and video card.
  4. So the GIGABYTE hd-4550 that I own won’t fit in to the Antec?
    So the pro 82+ 525 is an overkill? wouldn’t you prefer in that case the Enermax ‏ECO 80+ 400W over the seasonic?
    Regarding the case i am not locked at all, just been reading great reviews about it and the price point is decent... do you recommend something else?
  5. What model of the GIGABYTE hd-4550 do you have? Or what size is it?
    GIGABYTE GV-R455D3-512 is a full size video card and won't fit inside the Fusion case.

    I would prefer the Corsair 400CX and SeaSonic S12II 380 over the ‏ECO 80+ 400W.
    ‏ECO 80+ 400W is a good PSU but its not worth $28 more than the price of the Corsair.

    The size and look of the case is more about how you integrate the HTPC with your other systems.
    Be sure to check the case size and measure where you think it would go. The cases are usually bigger than they look.
    You can find HTPC type cases that will fit full size video cards and even full size ATX motherboards.
  6. Yep, that’s the gigabyte card.
    Great, i will go with the crosair.
    I don’t really have a apace issue but I thought it would be nicer to go with a mATX system then a full ATX one (it's also cheaper then for example the Fusion Max that is a full ATX form factor).
    can you recommend a case in the fusion price range that you think is better?
  7. Silverstone has some nice cases in the cube or component stylecube or component style
    It's not that I like the these cases better - but they will fit your video card.
  8. Ok,
    after doing some further reaserch i think i will go with the following config:

    CPU: Core i5 750
    CPU cooler: Coolermaster hyper TX3
    Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-P55M-UD3R
    Memory: G.SKILL DDR3 4096MB F3-12800CL9D-4GBNQ
    PSU: Crosair vx 450
    System HDD: WD 3200AAKS‎
    Data HDD: WD 1TB 7200
    Graphics: GIGABYTE hd-4550 512MB
    DVD: RW LG GH22NS black
    Case: Antec Fusion Remote Black Maz ATX

    What do you think?
  9. It's looking pretty good. No problems with fitting or compatibility.
    The Corsair 450VX is right-sized to get you a future 5770 DX11 video card upgrade.
    Antec Fusion Remote Max HTPC case review
    Coolermaster Hyper TX3 Heatsink Review
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