Wich is better? DDR3 1333 cl7 vs 1600 cl8

Hi, i from spain.

i need to buy memory for my new i7 920 and Gigabyte x58-UD3R

-PATRIOT DDR3 6G 1333 (3X2G) CL7 a: 7-7-7-20 1.65V
-PATRIOT DDR3 6GB 1600 (3X2G) CL8 Latency 8-8-8-24 1.65V
which is better?
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    What is your budget for the RAM?, Patrio IMO isn't a good manufacturer. A lower CL usually means a better RAM, so, the 7-7-7-20 at 1.65V seems as the best option of that two.

    If you want, write in Spanish, is my native language.
  2. Dices que patriot no es un buen fabricante?
    pues entre corsair, kingston y patriot me han dicho que coja patriot.
  3. Go with 1333mhz ram. I own Patriot ram, it runs like a champ(It runs very well!)--I do not get the criticism.
  4. There is nothing wrong with Patriot memory, have used it for years in more than 1 build and I found it to be fast and stable, no problems.
  5. No. Si esas tres son tus opciones, Corsair es la mejor opcion por calidad, confiabilidad y experiencia. Es un poco mas cara, pero es mucho mejor.

    Cual es el presupuesto para la RAM? y en que pagina compras?

    jeje Sorry, for all the other posters, we are talking Spanish. The options for RAM of the OP are

    1- Corsair
    2- Kingston
    3- Patriot
  6. Personally, I think that Corsair USED to make excellent RAM, but something has changed, or everyone else has just gotten better, and they have just stood still banking on their reputation of high quality to carry them on, but I don't share that opinion anymore.

    In recent years, I am more of the opinion that it is over priced junk, that needs high voltages, and runs too hot. If you don't believe me, look around and compare. Corsair memory with the same timings of many competitors needs higher voltages to run stable. In my book, higher voltage compensates for lower quality memory. I cannot recommend Corsair to anybody since about 2 -3 years ago.

    I would go with the lower latencies over the higher buss speed in your first post.
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