Max Payne

Just curious, who is buying "Max Payne" when it ships.
I pre-ordered mine, seems like I've been waiting forever for this game

I bought a pentium once!
Everybody makes mistakes..
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  1. I know I am. 3d Realms/GOD promises it'll be shipped before Christmas (they said that with Duke3D too).

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  2. Will it ruin fine with 800Mhz tbird 200fsb, 448Mb RAM and GF2 MX o'clocked to 250/225??? eh? won't be choppy, right?
    at 1024x768@32 with everything set to HIGH detail and NO FSAA???
  3. It will run fine on medium to high detail. This is what 3d realms says. But to run perfect with full detail they recommend a 1ghz AMD or Intel.

    I bought a pentium once!
    Everybody makes mistakes..
  4. HAHA! it is stupid, I bet 600Mhz Duron with GF3 wouold run better than than 1Ghz tbird with GF2MX, AND I o'clock the card very high, meaning it performs as good as 32Mb GTS (almost, a LITTLE WORSE), and my pc it optimized to MAX, I mean it, nothing is startup, 2-3 games installed, many other things! DEMO in Benchmark 2001 was from 20 to 60fps, but it wsa a demo, I was just wondering if there will be some places in the games that would make my MX go less than 10fps
  5. They said that Max Payne performance rating should be based on 3d mark 2001. So if u are getting around ~1000 u'll barely be able to play it at 640 x 480...

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  6. How much should I be getting to play 1024x768@32 and full detail? huh? 5000? I het 2300 in Ben2001, is that enough? I have been to and and they didn't say anything about chunky playing with ~1000 score...
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