Use SATA 6.0 drive to SATA 3.0 channel - does it work

I need to know if i buy SATA DRIVE 6.0 and i use it on SATA 3.0 channel will it work?

i dont care about the speed, the reason for this question is , i need to use it for backup and i need a lot of storage drive. Since SATA 6.0 2TB is cheaper so would it be possible i buy that 2TB Sata6 use it on SATA 3 board or connecter or whatever it is called

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  1. Yes, it will work. All versions of SATA are forward- and backward-compatible.

    Very rarely a particular SATA chipset on a drive and a particular SATA port on a motherboard won't properly autonegotiate the correct speed - in that case most drives have a jumper that you can use to force the drive to run at the slower speed to bypass the problem.
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