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Hi there I recently got an acer aspire ax1300 with a 256mb graphics card. This card is not that good and I would like to upgrade to a 1gig, this needs to be low profile and pci. I found the xfx/ati radeon hd 4350 at a very good deal, this is pci-e. Does anyone know whether this will work and if not what would you suggest. Thanks a lot!
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  1. If you only have PCI slots then no, a PCI-E video card won't work, sorry. PCI and PCI-E are different types of slot. PCI being for things such as sound cards and things, while PCI-E slots are made just for graphics cards.

    Although I know you can buy PCI video cards I don't know much about them so I can't help you there sorry.
  2. No they they are different, pci-e is replacing pci gradually. Both types of slots support graphics, sound, networking, and whatever else you wanna put in them.

    Here are several cards that meet your requirements

    personally i would get the sparkle 9400gt cause it has no fan
  3. Oh, really? OK then, didn't know that you could put things that aren't graphics cards in a PCI-E slot. Anyway yeah, a PCI-E card won't work with a PCI slot.
  4. you can also put different size pci-e cards in pci-e slots, ie a 1x 2x or 4x card will all fit in a 8x or 16x slot with no issues, or you can put a larger card in a smaller slot but that actually takes some work
  5. I think the other people that posted on here missed what you mean completely! I am running the same pc and yes it is PCI-E. It has one PCI-E x16 and a x1 slot. I installed a low profile ATI Radeon HD 3400 series and it works flawlessly.
    All you guys had to do was to lookup the computer he was talking about and see he means pci-e.
  6. If he had asked what kind of slot it was I would have been more inclined to look it up, as it is I answered the question asked
  7. 505090 said:
    If he had asked what kind of slot it was I would have been more inclined to look it up, as it is I answered the question asked

    Yes, you are truly a saint. lol
  8. Y thank you for noticing, it's nice to be appreciated
  9. You are genuinely welcome.
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