Single channel DDR2 800 mHz, or dual-channel DDR2 667mhz?

The tread title pretty much sums it up, I bought two 512MB PC2-6400 sticks to replace my old PC2-5300 sticks at CEX for .50 cents a piece; and now they won't play nice with each other. :sweat: So my PC had two different brands of RAm and the only way I can get the sticks to work is if I pair them with one going with the Avant, and the other with the Kingston. I know that buying second-hand RAM was a bad idea but I decided I already had $1 why not? So my question is basically should I keep the single channel setup or go back to the dual channel setup, apparently the Avant and the Kingston do play nice with each other and can by themselves operate at 800mhz.
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  1. do some benchmark, everest has a nice test for memory read write copy.
  2. I'm just asking in general, I don't feel like further cutting my thumb and moving all my papers in order to make space for the PC. I'm using all 4 DIMMs on my mobo and just wanted to know since most people say that in dual-channel vs single-channel, there is hardly any difference.
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    Maybe this can help you.

    Now, you won't see a big difference between 667 and 800, but for applications and games is better have dual-channel.
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