MSI gtx 560 ti Twin Frozr II overclocking help

Hey all,

I'm new to overclocking and I am trying to get the best I can out of my 560 ti. I am using MSI Afterburner and Kombuster 2.2. My issue is that some of my readings seem to be misleading. From what I've read you go as high as you can with your core clock until you either see some artifacts or have the system lock up. Well I'll do that and get it stable up to sometimes 990hz without changing the voltage. but then I will try it again and it will mess up is this normal? Does anyone have any tips? Thanks.
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  1. Really man you wont see much difference is any going from 950mhz to around 1ghz so just leave it @ 950mhz and be happy cause it is as good as it will get tangibly.
  2. Is it worth upping the voltage to get my clock higher? My real question is whether it is normal to see the mixed signals from my graphics card. I usually run the g4l kmark benchmark test at 1920x1080 with 8xMSSA. How do I know for sure when I find a stable clock?
  3. The MSI doesn't have the 7 phase VRM that the Asus and other models do, so I wouldn't try the voltage bump and speeds that I would w/ those models.
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